Lifestyle Guide to Sanity: One Week Mental Cleansing.

Bisi Badmus

New Year is over. If you are like me, you are already slacking on your New Year's checklist. You no longer say happy New Year because it has become redundant. February is here and it is time to get productive. In other words, I am stressing full throttle.

Before everything gets out of control, I thought it will be a good idea to do a sanity check and a mental cleansing. This month is perfect for a sanity check because you get a sort of baseline that you can build on. Many of us have been on a roll for the past few months, especially with the holidays and all the foolishness that comes along with it. You probably also have some important things that you want to accomplish this month. But how much can you really get done when your brain is toast?

Although I am trained in DSM-V (mental health book of booboos), I will not be shrinking you for a week- I promise! Instead, I will take a more natural and a more realistic approach to mental cleansing. The reality is that most people need a level of stress to function. We humans, however, do not always know how to balance our activity levels to maintain a state of mental stability.  I am a problem solver. Not a therapist in a beautifully boring, box-like room with dimmed lighting. To solve any problem, it is important to identify the cause(s). The idea here is to give you pointers on how to identify potential signs of mental toast before it begins to affect your everyday life. I will also point out some ways to reverse the course of brain toast to attain a state of mental cleansing. As the week comes to a close, I will discuss some ways to keep your sanity when you eventually get it back. If you have not already subscribed to my blog, you need to do so ASAP. I came up with this idea because I found out that my own brain is going bananas and I need a sanity check. Personally, I go through this cycle a few times a year with awesome results. Throughout this week, I will be sharing my process with you as I try to get my own brain in order. I hope you find it helpful.


The next one week will not be boring. Please don’t expect some terminology-filled shenanigan. Ladies and gentlemen this is real work, not some foolishness. I have a habit of telling it as it is, so don’t take it personal if my words touches your booboo where it hurts the most. Get it? Now let’s go!

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