Staying stylish and warm in the winter can prove to be a challenge. The weather is cold and the urge to dress beautiful may be lagging. You tend to stay off colors and opt for darker silhouette. You may even change your hair color to express the change in season. A popular excuse for this boring fall look is that "no one sees it anyway". Truth is, fashion is not for other people; it is for you and it expresses how you feel. Winter does not have to be a time to ditch all you fashion flames. Below are a few tips that can transform your winter wardrobe instantly with minimal effort:


Winter, in most part the country, requires that you wear extra clothing. The trick is not to wear too many layers to stay warm. Think about it- the more layers you wear, the more outfit you have to coordinate. This may result in stress and frustration during prep time. Ideally, two good layers of clothing will suffice. For example:

  • A pair of pant/skirt with a blouse and a blazer for a professional look.

  • A pair of jean with a long sleeve V-neck/cowl neck and an over sized triangle coverall or cardigan for a casual look.

Color Burst

There is no need to shy completely away from Zags grandecolor during winter. In other words, if you a colorful person, there no need to go completely dark during the winter; you can just tone it down a notch. Fashion is more about balance than extremes. This winter is especially saturated with floral colors like yellow, blue, red, and white. You can even choose from fuchsia pink, neon green, and peach. Conversely, you can go nude with rose pink, off white, dark silver, and bronze. With winter colors, proportionality is key. The best way to wear colors in winter is as complimentary pieces. So,

  • a two toned, grey-peach dress with black booth and purse to match will look beautiful and edgy both socially and professionally.
  • a neon green blouse with a black pencil skirt, black legging, and color-blocked black-neon purse is bold, bright, dark, and fun all at the same time.


TrendsetterIn winter, people tend to go neutral on jewelry- black, silver, gold, and pearl. This neutrality in jewelry is fine if you already a burst of color in the overall look. However, if the entire look is dark, incorporating a dark jewelry piece like, brooch, hair piece, or scarf may turn the whole look boring and sad. Accessories like this OgeYemy Wool Effect Scarf can be the statement piece in a dark ensemble. Also, an over sized faux fur snood/scarf like OgeYemy Trendsetter Snood can be an ultra warm and stylish addition to the overall look.

Keep it Simple!

Fashion is an outward expression of self. Whatever your profession or your personality is, chances are there is room for fashion. Layer with fewer pieces, add a hint of color, and accessorize functionally. Keep this three tips in mind and you will be out of the door in no time- it’s that simple.