Tiwa Beads

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Waist beads have long serve a unique and sentimental purpose in the life of African women home and abroad. Ancient women used it as a symbol of adulthood, good luck, fertility, sexuality, stress relief, and mood stabilization. Personally, I use the OgeYemy waist beads for the purpose of weight management and weight loss. The beads get tighter when I gain weight and they become too loose when I loose weight- it's that simple! Made with glass beads, OgeYemy waist beads are ready to be infused with your very own personal purpose. Unlike in the ancient times when husband gave it to their wives and mothers gave  it to their daughters, you now get to define why you are buying them. You also get the opportunity to gift it to people for a purpose and watch that purpose come to fruition.


  • 60" continuous standard length
  • Glass beads
  • Elastic String for comfortable fit
  • Bolt Closure
  • Uniquely handmade to withstand daily use without having to take it off daily.


  • With a measuring tape, measure your waist or wherever you want the beads to sit in your mid section
  • Specify the measured length (inches) in the "notes" section at "checkout."
  • Standard: 60" or less
  • Custom:  60" - 85". $5 additional cost will be charged.